Traveling Solo: We have to surcharge single people as the cost for rental car, guided tours, accommodations, transfers, etc. are costing almost the same that tweo people, but we do not double charge the rate of the package as many companies are charging but only a flat rate, based upon the package and destination.

High season surcharge: All Hotels, rental car companies, tour guides, ect. are always more expensive during few months of the year, depending on the vacation package and location, the dates can be different. Our flat fee is $69.00 since 2005 and we did not increase this fee since.

Departure taxes: All countries have their own entries and departures fees, depend of the country, the fee will be higher or much lower. In general these fees are payable before your are checking in at your airline counter. Most countries are accepting cash or credit card.

Credit card payment: We are charging our client a flat non-refundable fee of $50.00 in order to pay what is charged to us (bank wire fee) and 3.9% of the grand total (Paypal credit card charge), and as our vacation package are very afffordable and our profit margins are low, we are charging back these fees to our clients in order to keep our packages always cheaper, and always with the best services. Our PayPal account is: (That is where you will need to send us your payment).

Application Fee: We are charging private parties a non-refundable $25.00 per person due to the fact that these rates are for professional of the tourism indusrty (travel agencies, internet providers, airliners, etc.). This fee will be added to your package along with all other fees, described above, only if they are applying to your case.

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