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VSD Director of Operation



VSD Director of Operation



VSD Director of Operation




Selim is working for VSD since the beginning of 2004 and is always ready to help, going always the extra miles in order to make VSD clients happy! Selim is originally from Nicaragua and his wife is expecting a baby in October 2007. First Costa Rican Guide in La Fortuna region, Selim is working in Arenal since 1971. He is living in Costa Rica for over 26 years but is proud to be from Nicaraguan! loving his country...
Eduardo is young; full of energy, always there to satisfy our clients. VSD Peru is open since 2005 with an office in Cuzco. Anything you will need, Eduardo will be more than happy to let you know and answering all of your questions. Peru is a very hard place to get good professional guides but Eduardo is the exception. Eduardo is also an English teacher, helping Peruvian kids. He is very proud of his town: Cuzco!
Gerlinde is working for VSD since 2005. Her background is German-Guatemalan, living in this country since she can remember it. Gerlinde is kind, sweet but also very resourceful; she alwaysl finds the way to make it work, a dedication that you will find very rarely in any tourist guide in these countries. Guatemala & Belize is Gerlinde's territory with unlimited knowledge of these two countries. She is also very proud of her town: Antigua!
Sasha is VSD's VP, working closely with the European /Russian market. Sasha speaks many languages, engineer background, she is very precise like a swiss clock, paying attention to VSD client's needs, opening very new horizon, like new destinations. "2008 will be a new turn for VSD" she said few weeks ago at the International travel fair in Moscow as a spokeperson for Central/South American destinations.



VSD Rafting Operation



VSD Rappel Operation



VSD Rappel Operation



VSD Kayak/Snorkel Operation
Rafting TeamVanessa Willing has been leading travelers in Costa Rica, Central American and Europe for one of Canada's leading tour companies. Now she call VSD home. Warner Baltodano Duran is a Costa Rican native. He developed his incredible kayaking/rafting skills on the tropical rivers of Costa Rica beginning at age 16. His experience includes head river guide for several companies, adventure expedition leader, safety kayaker, whitewater rodeo champ in Costa Rica and the United States.



VSD Horseback riding Operation Yender
Yender was always surrounded with horses since his young age, he was riding, even before he could walk. Hoseback is in his blood and his family line. Yender is a Tico with a great smile and attitude. His know all about horses from breaking them, breathing, and even was often the first at many horse competition in Style, technics and jumping. Yender will be you as one of his friends, and VSD is very excited to have in our team such a professional in this category.
RAPPEL TEAMSuresh Krishnan moved to Costa Rica 14 years ago. Suresh Krishnan, an experienced whitewater rafting guide and kayaker who spent 6 years in the U.S. military. He was invited to Costa Rica to work as a guide on the Pacuare and Reventazon Rivers. In fact, he was the first to operate rafting tours on the Peñas Blancas Class 3-4 (which has since been dammed and no longer has sufficient water levels for rafting). This couple live and breath Rappel and water sports in La Fortuna. Pura Vida ...



VSD ATV OperationPepito
Pepito is without a doubt, a person that VSD is proud to call: Friend. He is such a gentleman and a great human being. He also runs the Silver package hotel Pepito's place, which is located at the enrance of La Fortuna. Pepito (real name: Aledemar), is from Costa Rica and is working in the tourism industry for decades. He is very polite, a little bit shy, friendly and always helping. Pepito works with us since the beginning of 2004.


ChristineChristine is Suresh's wife and oversees VSD clientele as well, these two people are real pro when it comes to water sports, insured, certified and very friendly! Christine was working for a long time in Mexico, where she learned her Spanish, always loved sport and tourism. Now she found her dream Job, next to her husband. A great Team and a wonderful couple...Both are living in La Fortuna and will be there, anytime you need it and always with a smile in their face.



VSD Director of Operations Kattia
Tarek is always smiling, he is very hard to offend and gives the best service to our clients. We are working with Tarek since 2007, and we are very happy of the management for our Cairo office. Many of our clients add extra services, due to either a late flight arrival or simply because the need to see Cairo alittle more, the Capital of Egypt. Our office is located only a few minutes from the aiport and close by enough of downtown.


Ricardo Ricardo is probably the most professional Kayaker you will find in Costa Rica. He was born in the water and lives for his passion: his children, wife and Ocean. We are very proud to have in our team such a respected person when it comes to Ocean Kayaking, snorkeling, fishing, and more. Ricardo is one of the pioneer in Samara Beach and will be your host whenever you will be visiting our operation in this little town llocated in the norhern pacific coast of Costa Rica. Happy tanning...



Patty is the creator and the owner of VSD. Patty always puts people first, he work 7 days a week and sometime up to 14 hours a day. He loves what he is doing, for him, VSD is not a company like others, but an open door for the peope to travel for very little money out of the pocket and have the best experience. He is dedicated to create new packages, new destinations and Sasha his wife is helping him to achieve his dream: Give more!

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