VSD is proud to announce you that we will have very soon exotic and rare destinations proposed to Asia, Indonasia, Africa, Middle East, Eastern Europe, Europe, Caribbean islands, South Pacific, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

We will soon propose adventures like:

  • Canada and/or USA destinations
  • European locations like Skiing down the French Alps package
  • Australian, New Zealand and Exotic South Pacific destinations
  • Indonasia Paradises
  • Asia destinations
  • Romantic gateways like Indian Ocean islands (Seychelles, Maldives, etc.)
  • Eastern countries like English guided package in Russia
  • And many more to come in 2009 and 2010...

As always VSD is taking the time necessary to propose these new destinations at unbeatable rates, with always great services and security.

EXCITING NEWS! VSD will have also pretty soon a full range of vacation packages (worlwide destinations), similar to Sky Auction but without the bidding and surcharges, but instead with with beautiful destinations (products & vacation packages), great assortments of adventures, not only the average everybody proposed packages that everyone sees on the internet, but the rare and great discoveries that Americans and Canadians have a hard time to find or to locate on the internet in plain English, except, of course the only ones proposed to you by major companies at expensive rates and with ridiculous services!!!

Please sign up and visit our website from time to time in order to keep in touch as we do NOT update our website all the time, matter of fact, we are too busy helping our clients (Travel agencies, Web travel companies, Airliners, and of course many of our private clienteles, the we do not add new destinations, or write down on our website new irtineraries, but we have ANY DESTINATIONS that you want or need, and of course our rate are ALWAYS the cheapest in the market, so do not hesitate to contact us and ask us about your wishes and demands, we will make it happen, no matter what !!!


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