The hotel: 35 rooms which all are totally equipped.

Conference room: The conference room is designed with the best equipments of projectors, audio and sound, to cover the basic needs for conferences, seminars, business meetings etc., with a capacity of 75 persons.

Café bar: La Sin Ventura in the heart of Antigua, offering the best typical and international meals. Serving the best national and international drinks, as well as you can enjoy the best coffee of Antigua, Guatemala.

Cinema: La Sin Ventura shows the best and most popular movies at the moment, has a gigantic screen, the best technology of projection and a surround sound system. This saloon can also be used as a theatre or for seminars and graduation occasions. Has a capacity for 620 persons.
All rooms include private bathroom with hot water and continental breakfast is included.


The Gallant tyrant Don Pedro de Alvarado, commander of Guatemala died tragically in Mexico on the 4th of July, 1541. His wife Dona Beatriz de la Cueva Learned of the news on August 29th of the same year. It is said that, upon hearing the deep depression she cried inconsolably and claimed disbelief that the heavens would bring her such sadness; she locked herself in her chambers, refusing food and sleep and ordered her palace to be painted black afterward.

Dona Beatriz stayed locked in her chambers for nine consecutive days. During this time there were heavy storms, so much that the crater of the Hunapú volcano became completely filled with water at the same time, the "Fuego" volcano erupted causing strong tremors through out the region.

On the 9th of September, Dona Beatriz finally emerged from her chambers and announced that she was naming herself governor of Guatemala. Upon signing her declaration, she inscribed her name as "La Sin Ventura", meaning "The Unlucky woman" That same night, as she was retiring to bed about 1:00 in the morning, an earthquake caused Hunapú's crater to break open. After all the heavy rain, a massive mudslide ensued, burying the entire city.

Accompanied by several of her attendants, "La Sin Ventura" climbed to the top of the palace for refuge, but died. It is said that no one tried to help her because they had concluded that the disaster was her punishment for having named herself Governor. With the entire valley buried and with it "La Sin Ventura" and nostalgia of her story, the capital was moved to the Valley of Panchoy, what is today Antigua. The romance and melancholy of this story has become an integral part of La Antigua Guatemala's history. A city that was founded by "La Sin Ventura's" story is destined to bring nostalgic memories to all who walk upon its soil.

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